NJ COVID-19 Updates: September 3, 2021

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The State of New Jersey sends out a weekly email with news updates from the NJ COVID-19 Information Hub, and we read it so you don’t have to! Here are this week’s highlights:

  • New Eviction Prevention Program provides additional rental assistance for low-, moderate-, and middle-income households financially impacted by COVID-19
  • Vaccines: third doses and booster shots are currently available for people with moderate to severe immune system deficiencies (no word yet on if/when booster shots will be made available to the general public as of yet)
  • Mask policies in schools: state policy is that all students, educators, staff, and visitors will be required to wear masks on school premises as the 2021-2022 school year begins. There are limited exemptions available, however, for those with medical needs.
  • Docket app: the NJ Department of Health has released the Docket app to make it easy to access securely access your vaccination records. The app is available in the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

It’s a fraught time for New Jersey as the summer officially ends and people start getting back to their “normal” routines in autumn. The Delta variant is still tearing through our communities, making it difficult to get back to “business as usual.” If you have concerns about COVID-19 in your home or workplace, please contact us to discuss our all-natural fog disinfecting methods and how they can help accelerate your return to a sense of normalcy.

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