Vaccine Efficacy & the Delta Variant

Businessman in a face mask making a phone call

The CDC is warning that COVID-19 immunity might be declining as the Delta variant runs rampant throughout the US. Accounting for a shocking 95% of all new US COVID-19 cases, the Delta variant is attributed to a rising COVID-19 death rate in 43 US states.

Even though unvaccinated people are still up to 29 times more likely to be hospitalized due to COVID-19 symptoms than their fully vaccinated counterparts, there has been a troubling uptick in so-called “breakthrough cases,” where even the fully vaccinated are contracting the virus. Furthermore, autumn booster shots are very much on the table for the fully vaccinated as vaccine makers and government policymakers figure out how to get the global pandemic under control so we can all get back to business as usual.

In the meantime, CDC advice on best practices hasn’t changed. They recommend social distancing and face masks when possible, as well as above-and-beyond hygiene measures to reduce the chances of virus transmission. COVID disinfecting services, like ours, are a great way to protect yourself in this regard. Our all-natural fog disinfecting methods are shown to kill up to 99.9% of harmful viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19.

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